Compagny Caton


Louis Charpentier is the first generation to work in a funeral home as an auxiliary agent a few years after World War I.
He passed on his passion, his know-how and the value of this industry to his son-in-law and to the next generations

Lucien CATON had a vocation for this job and spend all of his career as a funeral director. He began in Charente Maritime and ruled many agencies in France and ended his career as an executive in the suburbs of Paris

Gérard CATON shared the same values of empathy towards bereaved families. His supervisor gave him the responsibilities to rule many agencies: Montceau les mines, Sancerre, Mehun sur Yèvre, Montargis. He ended his career in Vierzon.

Pascal CATON began at 18 in the same funeral home than his family.In 1988, aged of 30 years old, he decided to create his own funeral home with his wife Sylvie.
From 1988 to 1992 he led the fight against the funeral home monopoly in order to get “The freedom of choice for the families”

Gautier CATON joined the family company in Orléans at 18. Thanks to the experience of the society, he has developped new services to enable the funeral to meet the new expectations of the bereaved families and adapted the society to the evolutions of the funeral home industry


Creation of Caton Funeral Home in Orléans and its conurbation. The first agency opened in Orléans Sunday, January 17th 1988. In a short time, bereaved families from Orléans trusted Pacal Caton for the organization of funerals and acknoledged the complete devotion of the company. Consequently, the company had become more and more important and created several agencies Caton in Orléans and in close cities. Today, 9 funeral homes are located close to Orléans (in an area of 30 kms) and 2 in Loir et Cher. .

The regional development of Caton Funeral HomeDuring those 10 years of development in Orléans conurbation some of funeral home directors who reached the retirement age decided to transfer their agency to Pascal Caton to ensure the succession. Caton funeral Home has progressively become an important actor in the Department and quickly in the whole region. Some funeral homes are located in Loir et Cher, Yonne, Cher and Nièvre

Funeral homes which have joined the Catons truly believe as well in the moral values that are respect discretion, responsibility, proximity and freedom of choice. The reputation and the quality of services of those experts in helping the bereaved families are coming from this commitment to this values. Each agency shares this values and joins mutual actions but preserves its local identity and know-hows that are important to the eyes of many families.